SRS – Curtain Walling/Glazed Screen

This renovation work took place on an historic building where the finished structure was required to resemble, as best as possible, the original colliery building.

The aluminium curtain walling, commercial doors, and the curved canopy were designed by our in house design team who fulfilled this requirement using low maintenance finishes and managing to incorporated a modern design concept when designing the canopy.

Anticipated glass loadings were calculated and the installed structural glass met, and exceeded, all regulatory requirements.

Manufacture and installation

The curtain wall system chosen for this project was the ‘Seniors Curtain Wall System’ and the glass for the IGU’s (Integrated Glass Units) contained within the curtain wall installation was obtained from Pilkingtons. This glass was finished with a grey antisun tint.

The curved canopy was glazed in a 6mm toughened glass with an antisun tint and all adjoining glass panels were silicone butt jointed.

All aluminium sections were powder coated in a single colour, RAL 9004.