Roof Lights

Glazed rooflights will enable you to utilise previously unused or dark areas of your property to become usable practical areas, or allow you to extend into new areas, that will be welcoming and comfortable whilst also producing aesthetically pleasing environments and a feature of your design. 

They are available primarily as a fixed flat version (horizontal or vertical), a hinged or sliding opening version, a pyramid version, a domed version or a mono/dual pitched version to accommodate their installation in a wide variety of areas. Additionally we are able to offer you an additional feature of narrow frames that will maximise the light that is able to enter the building and improve sight lines.

Having worked  closely with architects, designers, manufacturers and installers, our technical team have gained a wide range of knowledge and experience which they are able to use in providing you with expert advice and guidance on any new project or concern you may have.

The fixed flat version of the rooflights we provide are of slim design that lay low and close to the roof surface, This provides you, the designer or user, with a rooflight that will give you maximum glazed area with minimum frame. This version of rooflight is generally provided for use directly on to a flat roof surface.

The opening rooflights we supply, or supply and install, are ideal to provide maximum ventilation and are available with rain sensors and a remote control as well as being BS kite marked.

All of the rooflights come complete with a built in upstand and are lightweight in construction, enabling quick and simple installation.

Roof lanterns are also available as an alternative to flat roof structures and the technical team at Acorn Aluminium will design a lantern, which will be manufactured at our Newport factory, to a bespoke size, in a variety of styles and finished in a colour of your choice.

Should you wish to have the facility to darken the environment for privacy or sunshade purposes, blackout blinds can also be fitted to the rooflights and are available in white or black with matching motors and trims.

Self cleaning glass is also available which will reduce the cleaning maintenance requirement and maintain the glazing with good opacity during use.                                   

The rooflights Acorn Aluminium provide may be double or triple glazed thereby enabling them to achieve high thermal efficiency ratings keeping you warm in the winter season and cool in the summer season, may be clear or opaque or may be solar efficient; the choice is yours.

Case study

Whether it be for domestic or commercial premises, Acorn Aluminium are able to provide you with the opportunity to create a light enhancing feature that will enhance your living or working environment.


Safety and ease of maintenance is an important consideration when recommending or installing glazed rooflights and at Acorn Aluminium are able to provide you with the option of  glazed rooflights that are able to be walked on and which are, if required, available with an anti slip option.