New Installations, Repairs And Servicing

New installations

At Acorn Aluminium we undertake a full design, manufacture and installation service for new window and door installations. Our technical team will provide all the advice you need to achieve the outcome you require by helping you to keep your home or building safe whilst also achieving an aesthetically pleasing installation.

They will ensure that all regulatory standards are met, or exceeded, they will calculate the loading and impact requirements for your installation and will issue the appropriate certification of compliance.

Our new installations include windows of varying styles and types, bi fold doors of varying combinations to suit you, sliding doors to patios or internal partitions, main entrance doors, screens, shopfronts and conservatories.

Repairs and servicing

A fault to your window or door may be a major issue to you or your business by preventing you from perhaps making your property secure or safe, or preventing you from gaining access to your home or office.

Other faults may be more of an inconvenience, such as loose handles, window sashes or door leafs catching on frames , or perhaps draughts through mis-aligned units. These too can be quickly remedied by our skilled engineers before they may become the major issue or concern you don’t want.

Acorn Aluminium  have highly skilled engineers that provide a repairs and maintenance service to both our commercial and our domestic clients and as we carry a large range of stock at our factory, and on our vehicles, we are in many instances able to complete a full repair at the first visit.

Acorn Aluminium also have a glass division that are able to manufacture, at our Newport factory, new double glazed units, standard and slimline, within short time frames enabling us to replace your broken or misted up units quickly and efficiently.

And to help the environment, Acorn Aluminium segregate waste and all damaged glass or offcuts are sent for recycling.

Case study

We have a production factory in Newport that enables us to produce high quality finished windows and doors, for both the domestic and the commercial markets, of bespoke sizes, designs and finished colours, and usually in short timescales.

Our engineers are experienced in a wide range of fittings and installations that include teleflex winding systems, multi point locking systems, security locks, emergency access, friction hinges, restrictor hinges and many more.