Glazed Roofing

Incorporating a glass roof into a design is a great way to introduce light into commercial and residential property via central building areas, lean-to structures or elevations where adequate glazing to the wall elevations may not be achievable or permissible.

The flexibility and versatility of the system we provide, and the benefit of an internal design team and factory manufacturing base, enables us to make custom built/bespoke installations to suit your specific requirement.
Any glazing to a roof structure is overhead glazing and, from a safety viewpoint ,may need to be treated as a glass floor if it is to be incorporated as part of an accessible roof area. Our technical team at Acorn Aluminium will ensure you have glass that will comply with all of the regulatory safety standards applicable at the time for the installation being considered.

Our glazed roofing systems can be designed and installed on timber or aluminium frames or using a frameless system and all can be used with an adjoining glass wall structure to further enhance the lightness and openness of your room.

The glazed units are available as fixed or opening types which provides the building to be able to have a flow of fresh air as well as bright sunlight and all operating mechanism for the venting system is fully concealed.

There are options also available for the glass to be self cleaning, or have tints or solar coatings which will give further comfort control factors to your design. Integral blinds are also available.

As well as providing design assistance, manufacture and installation to the commercial sector  for structural glazed roof structures to walkways, atriums, entrances, cafeterias and the like, Acorn Aluminium also provide similar structures for the domestic market where our glazed roof structures are often utilised to create summer houses, family rooms, kitchen/diner extensions and conservatories.

A traditional conservatory is not always an available option and a lean-to is sometimes an ideal alternative, particularly if well designed, and is able to add a clean, and modern look to any design.

Case study

Roof glazing can be used to open up small or large expanses of a  roof area or to form a complete glazed roof structure, it will permit you to increase your internal design options, it will allow the maximum amount of natural light into the area below and also keep the area warm and comfortable due to the high thermal efficiency of the glass available.

Acorn Aluminium provide glass roof structures for designers and architects to produce a covered external space into their design and provide an al fresco area , with permanent cover and often with bi-fold or sliding doors leading onto it from the main building.