Curtain Walling

Acorn Aluminium work closely with designers, architects and contractors in the provision of high quality curtain walling that meets all the regulatory requirements for any project they may be involved in. With a little creativity and boldness, curtain walling has the ability to transform a building’s facade into a visual statement of colour and design. The facades we are able to create are practical and at times unusual with the use of shaped and facet typed glazing to allow maximum light into the building.

We understand that there are many aesthetics that need to be incorporated in any curtain walling design and we are able to provide a wide range of possible considerations such as a large range of transom and mullion sizes or reinforcing sleeves and boxes that allow for larger unsupported spans and/or concealed reinforcement

Our curtain walling system include being used as large shopfronts to retail premises, restaurant facades, high school multi storey building enclosures and to the front facade of commercial storage facilities. They have slim sight lines and are able to provide visual consistency and enhanced thermal performance for both ground floor and high rise projects.

At Acorn Aluminium we have the skills and knowledge to manufacture, in house, curtain walling to suit your specific requirements and an installation team that  can provide quick and efficient installation on site with a minimal amount of loose components on site.

Glass infill panels between 24mm and 50mm can be incorporated, the walling is tested for compliance with water tightness and wind resistance,  it can be double or triple glazed and a full range of finished colours is also available.


Case study

With a factory based in Newport, Acorn Aluminium are able to manufacture and install curtain walling units to individual requirements within tight timeframes, enabling projects to be enclosed early and projects reaching completion without unnecessary delay.

Seamless glazing with glass to glass joints, are among the features that can be incorporated within our curtain walling designs along with top hung frameless vents and door openings, hinged or sliding.